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Deep Sea Fishing Charters

There are two types of Fort Lauderdale fishing charter boats. Deep sea fishing drift boats, and charter fishing boats. Drift boats do just that, they drift along while you bounce your bait off the bottom hoping to locate fish. You are taken a mile or so off the coast, along with 30 to 70 other anglers, and drift the many reefs that line Fort Lauderdale’s coast. While this is deep sea fishing, it is also almost exclusively bottom fishing. A few game fish such as sailfish, dolphin and king mackerel are caught each year, but the drift boats main target is snapper.

Fort Lauderdale charter fishing boats provide true deep sea sport fishing. Your experienced captain and crew are experts at locating and catching the greatest big game fish that swim the oceans including sailfish, dolphin, kingfish, swordfish, tuna, wahoo and marlin. They are highly trained professional fishermen schooled in the art of finding, catching and landing trophy fish for there clients in one of the most productive fishing grounds in the world.

The first choice of many anglers hiring Fort Lauderdale fishing charters is trolling for larger pelagic fish such as sailfish, dolphin and king mackerel. As with any other kind of fishing, Fort Lauderdale deep sea fishing conditions can change from day to day or even hour to hour. Fish that would strike anything thrown into the water yesterday, may be extremely picky today and when you are on that once in a lifetime deep sea fishing adventure, it is important to maximize the amount of time you spend catching fish . That’s why it is so important to fish with an experienced crew that can quickly switch tactics and put you on fish. Walter Shaw is the full time captain of the Reel Work sport fishing yacht. Captain Wally is a Fort Lauderdale native with a lifetime of deep sea fishing experience. Depending on the time of year, current fishing conditions and what fish have been biting best, he may suggest targeting any number of pelagic or reef fish. If the bite slows for one species of fish, Captain Wally and the Reel Work crew have the experience and know how to quickly switch tactics and find the fish that are biting.

While the Reel Work charter fishing yacht is luxurious, it is also a highly specialized fishing work horse. The Reel Work is equipped with the latest electronics, to help Captain Wall find the fish and keep everyone safe. She is also fully equipped with a wide variety of specialized, top of the line fishing tackle, specifically designed to handle whatever fishing situation may arise. No mater what the situation calls for, or what your level of fishing experience, Captain Wally and the crew of the Reel Work have the skills needed to help you hook, fight and land a trophy game fish. Listed below is are some of the deep sea fishing techniques we use to find and catch deep sea game fish. US Coast Guard regulations allow a maximum of 6 passengers on board during any trip so overcrowding is never a problem.

Bottom Fishing Wrecks and Reefs – If you have ever had a slow day trolling and wished for some serious rod bending action, Techniques for snapper and grouper

Swordfishing – tackle to location, make swordfish trip a huge success. squid rigging

Trolling – Because of the vastness of the ocean and the fact that many of the fish we target on Fort Lauderdale fishing charters are migratory, finding where the fish are located requires covering a lot of water. Trolling lets us find fish and entice them to strike. Trolling is pulling a number of baits behind the boat as we motor across the water. The baits can be live, rigged dead bait or lures. The baits are spread across the water to cover more area and to prevent the lines from becoming tangled. Some baits are drug across the top of the water and some are placed at various depths using downriggers.

Kite Fishing – One of the easiest ways to catch sailfish and other surface-feeding game fish is with a fishing kite. A basic kite fishing rig consists of a 3’ – 3 ½’ kite rod with a 4/0 level wind reel loaded with 50lb to 80lb high visibility mono or dacron fishing line. A square kite is then connected to the line with a snap swivel. The kite rod only holds the kite. Attached at intervals along the kite line are release clips that hold the fishing line to the kite line until a fish strikes. The kite is flown away from the boat while a live bait is dangled on the surface of the water underneath the kite. Kite fishing is extremely effective on surface feeding fish and is a top method for catching sailfish.

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