Teacher Work Day – Mixed Bag!

Teacher work day for this lucky kid who got to tag along on a four hour sport fishing trip this morning and a five hour trip this afternoon/evening. He hung out on the bridge with the captain and helped me in the pit. Baiting hooks and pretty much staying one step ahead the whole time. I’d ask for something and he’d grab it for me while I’m handling something else but after about the first hour of fishing he would be already in the process of getting it by the time I’d ask. By our second trip he was on the bridge, while the captain used the head and I watched the rods in the pit. Not only did he handle the over 40′ sport Fisher like he had done it a hundred times before but he drove us through a school of black fin tuna that were busting on the surface! I doubled up and we landed both! Kid definitely has what it takes. I’m sure one day in the future he’ll be running the pit while I’m up top driving.

I know I’ll forget a fish or two but I’ll try and start from the beginning;

First trip:
-2 king mackerel
-1 skip jack tuna
-3 or 4 black fin tuna
-1 African Pompano (rare)
-3 blue runners
-1 Nurse Shark 7′

Second trip:
-5 or 6 black fin tuna
-1 True Atlantic bonita (rare)
-1 bonita
-1 skip jack
-2 king mackerel
-3 yellow tail snapper
-1 Sand Bar Shark 7′