Hail Mary Play!

Customers got on the boat this afternoon and said, “Dolphin” and “Mahi-mahi” about 27 times before we had even untied from the dock so Captain and I decided to throw the Hail Mary play and struck out. After about 3 hours of our 6 hour trip we started to head back towards the reef in hopes of finding a king mackerel, tuna or something. It was at that moment the captain noticed a pallet floating and headed to it. BAM! Tripled up! The first one that hit jumped immediately and I knew it was what we were looking for! Threw the flag at the pallet to make sure we didn’t loose site of it and continued to make passes untill we couldn’t stir up another bite. We even had a couple big dolphin eat bar jacks as we would hook them. One of the two that did managed to jump, throw the bar jack out his mouth but somehow stayed hooked and made it to the box. The other came loose and left us with a half dead bar jack missing almost all of his scales. After they quit bitting we dropped the planner and found the hoo that was hanging out at the party too! We grabbed the flag and headed back in closer to the reef where we found some football size black fin. What a day!