July 19, 2018 – Fishing on the “Reel Work”

Today has been the most physically demanding day of fishing I’ve ever experienced! Started the trip off slaying king mackerel, a few really big ones and 10 keepers all together, also several Bonita. Then we changed the game up and went shark fishing. After we got two big rods out and started soaking cut Bonita on steel wire I pulled out my snapper rod I use frequently on the drift boat. Caught a few keeper yellow eye snappers and a couple throw backs. Locked up with an 8 or 9 foot sand shark and after leadering the beast we released it and put out more shark baits. Got slammed again by a 8 or 9 foot hammerhead we got up to the boat and leadered. Then my snapper rod got slammed, I set the hook and passed it off to one of the customers. He fought and fought it until he had to pass the rod off. They went back and fourth handing the rod back and forth several times before adding another customer into the mix. He fought it some more but eventually we lost the monster to the reef on the bottom. All in all it was an incredible day of fishing. They took their limit of kings home with them and the few yellow eyes to enjoy later and on another day. Great memories were made for everyone, including myself.