Big Cobia? Look For A Turtle!

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Anglers fishing with me aboard the Reel Work out of Fort Lauderdale on Wednesday havd a good time catching golden tilefish, rosies, and cobia. Our anglers wanted some good fillets to take home for dinner and they shure did get there wish. These are three of the best table fish that swim in our offshore waters. Tilefish has a delicate, sweet flavor similar to crab, rosies have firm, white fillets are delicious, and cobia has a very white, flaky texture that is not fishy tasting.

The water was rough so after trolling for a while we decided to break out the electric reel and try some deep dropping. After catching the golden tilefish and we decided to head back towards the dock. On the way back in we spotted a leatherback turtle in about 650 feet of water. Anything that floats on the surface of the water has the potential to hold fish, so when we spoted the turtle we went to investigate. As soon as we got close enough we could see several cobia swimming with the leatherback. A couple of well placed casts resulted in the big bruiser in the picture above as well as a short. We could see a couple of more cobia, but the turtle went down before we could more baits in the water.

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