The Dolphin Fish

I’m an IGFA Certified Captain and have been for years. The IGFA (International Game Fish Association) is a not-for-profit organization best known for keeping records of the largest game fish caught around the world, but they are more then that. The IGFA is committed to the conservation of game fish and the promotion of responsible, ethical angling practices through science, education and rule making. There offices are located on the third floor of the IGFA Fishing Hall Of Fame & Museum in Dania, Florida only a few miles from where I dock the Reel Work. The idea for the IGFA started in England in 1939 when members of The British Tunney Club started looking into formulating rules for ethical angling. The threat of war interrupted there plans until a top American big game angler, Michael Lerner, heard about there ideas. On an fishing expedition to Australia Lerner received the blessings of Clive Firth, a top big game angler in Australia. Lerner with the help of Dr. William King Gregory, head of the Departments of Ichthyology and Comparative Anatomy at the American Museum of Natural History helped form the IGFA in June of 1939 in association with the museum. The IGFA quickly grew into a world wide organization with associations with scientific institutions, member clubs and overseas representatives all around the globe. Today the provide information on conservation, fisheries management and support to scientists, fishermen and governments around the world.