How To Teach Kids About Fishing

Fishing is a great way for families to connect. It gets your kids out of the house and into the natural world around them. It teaches them about the environment, builds there self esteem and is a great way for families to really connect. If you ever wanted to get your kids more involved in fishing then this is the place to do it. The IGFA Junior Angler page was built as a way for children to learn more about fish, fishing and the importance of conservation. There are lots of fun things for young anglers to explore. Games, contests pro tips and videos are just a click away. The games are fun and teach children the basics of fishing like the need for accurate casting , putting your bait in front of the fish and fighting skills. On the Contests page young anglers can sign up to become an IGFA Junior Angler and be entered in a monthly drawing to win a Bone Hawaiian Style Circle Hook Pendant designed by world renowned marine wildlife artist, David Wirth. The Pro Tips page gives instruction on everything from Alligator Gar Bait Rigging to Fly Fishing , Kite Fishing, Good Bottom Rigs to Use to Venting Fish Caught From Deep Water . There is also the Creature Feature section that teaches kids about things other then game fish that they might encounter in our waterways. The IGFA Junior Anglers page is a great way to get your children interested in fishing by by educating them on what they will see on the water and showing them just how much fun fishing can be.