5 Ways To ID Florida’s Saltwater Fish

As a charter boat captain people are always asking me to help them identify fish they have caught. With so many different species of fish swimming in our waters this can be a nearly imposable task but I can usually make an educated guess after asking them what it looked like, where they were fishing and what they were using for bait. Inexperienced anglers are often confused by fish species they have never encountered before. The fact that there are so many sub species of different fish families, jacks and snapper for example, so many fish families that have similar body shapes and so many fish that are given different names in different areas makes the confusion understandable.

Fortunately there are many excellent publications and guides available both in print and online to help you identify the fish you catch. Most are beautifully illustrated and some even include information on where and how to catch each fish. Here is a list of some of my favorites.

myfwc.org: Saltwater Fish This is a good basic list of Florida’s saltwater game fish.

indian-river.fl.us: Florida’s regulated fish and their look-alikes This one makes you work some but is a good list of the states saltwater fish broken down into there different families.

www.boat-ed.com: Common Saltwater Fish in Florida This one comes as a PDF so that you can download it or print it for future reference.

Florida Sportsman Fish Rules App for Iphone This app provides instant access to state and federal saltwater fishing regulations from your iphone.

Bass Pro Shops: ”Florida Saltwater Fish ID” Book by Saltwater Fish ID, Inc. A handy printed guide to Flowida’s saltwater fish.

That should help you identify what you are catching the next time you are out on the water. You can also call to set up a Fort Lauderdale fishing charter with me aboard the Reel Work and I will be glad to teach you about the many fish that swim in our waters. Just fill in the form on the left side of this page or give us a call.

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