Atlantic Snapper Rules 2013

There has been some confusion lately about fishing regulations pertaining to the different species of snapper in Atlantic waters off of Florida. For example, if you look at the 2013 Recreational Seasons – AT-A-GLANCE Atlantic State Waters .pdf it shows that Vermilion Snapper season is closed January – March, and again in November and December. The chart makes no mention of any of the other snapper species, including Red Snapper. The problem with this chart is that it only shows you snapper regulations in Florida State waters. Many of Florida’s fish are found in both state and federal waters and are managed by both the FWC and federal agencies. Federal waters start beyond three nautical miles off the Florida Atlantic coast. You need to look at the Atlantic Snapper page on the MYFWC website to get a clearer understanding of snapper regulations. If you look at that page you will see that Red Snapper season is open year round in state waters, but in Federal waters the season is closed with a 2013 Pending Season Opening July 12 (second Friday of July) for 3 day weekends until quota is met. For Vermilion Snapper and all other snapper species the rules are the same in both Federal ans State waters.
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