tripletail fishTripletail, (Lobotes surinamensis) is found in tropical and subtropical sas around the world. In the United States they are found from Massachusetts to Florida and throught the Gulf of Mexico. They migrate from there northern reaches in the summer to the south in the winter. Tripletail are usually found around cover in near shore waters or brackish water bays and estuaries. Look for them around ship wrecks, bouys, floating debres or even pilings around jetties.

Tripletail can grow to 35 inches and 40 pounds, but most fish caught will weigh in between 2 lbs and 15 lbs. They have a compact body and triangular shaped head with a concaved area above it. The caudal, anal and tail fins are large and rounded giving the fish the appearance of having three tails. Adults have a mottled dark brown to a reddish brown or brown color pattern with a touch of gray. They feed on small bait fish such as menhaden and anchovies along with blue crabs and shrimp. Tripletail can be hard to catch. Use light tackle and little to no weight to put your bait close to where they are holding.

Florida fishing regulations for tripletai:

  • Size Limit: 15″
  • Bag Limit: 2 Fish Per Person
  • Legal Gear: hook and line gear only. The use of multiple hook rigs is prohibited when used with live or dead natural bait.