The Great Barracuda


Barracuda are large ocean going predator fish found throughout the world in near shore tropical and subtropical seas. While juveniles spend the first two years of there lives around mangroves and seagrass beds, adults are most often found on near shore reefs and wrecks. They are large fish, growing to around 5.5′ long and approaching 100 lbs. They are known for there large mouths with razor sharp teeth and there speed. It is estimated that barracuda can reach speeds of 36 mph.

Barracuda are not considered a good food fish. In certain areas of its range barracuda can cause ciguatera poisoning. Ciguatoxins accumulates in barracuda when they eat smaller herbivorous fishes that feed on marine dinoflagellates attached to marine algae. People poisoned experience gastrointestinal problems and weakness in their arms and legs. Symptoms can last for weeks. That is why most anglers consider barracuda a catch and release game fish. There aggressive nature, large size and blazing speed make them fun fish to catch.