Sailfish, Mahi and Triple Tail

Dolphin Fish

Anglers fishing offshore of Fort Lauderdale with me aboard the Reel Work on Saturday, 12-8, had a decent day. We found a lot of debris floating within a few miles of the beach. Where you find debris you will often find dolphin (mahi-mahi) and triple tail hanging underneath and sailfish swimming near by. The best way to fish for triple tail and dolphin around debris is to drift within casting distance of the object then toss a small bait fish next to it. Triple tail are strong swimmers and will try to wrap your line around whatever they are hiding under so hold on tight. Mahi also like to hide under anything floating on the surface of the water so if you see anything floating on the surface, it is worth checking out. After searching for mahi-mahi and triple tail we decided to troll around all the debris and managed to land a nice sailfish before heading back to the dock. Sailfish season is here and the fishing is great. Call us or fill in the contact form to set up a great day of Ft Lauderdale deep sea fishing.