FWC Webinars: December 10th and 12th, 2012

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission will be holding two webinars, the first on December 10th and again on December 12th. The webinars are designed to get feedback from the public on proposed changes to recreational fishing rules. Each webinar will cover the same subject matter. There is only room for 100 participants in each seminar so PLEASE, only participate in one so that every voice can be heard.

What Will Be Covered
I’m not sure if this is correct, but it looks like the FWC is considering designating certain ‘game fish’ as ‘sport fish’. The changes would eliminate commercial harvest, possession or sale of the ‘sport fish’. The captain and crew of for-hire vessels such as charter boats would have a zero bag limit and fish could only be targeted with hook and line. This is designed to give a “higher level of protection than game fish by including no recreational harvest as well as no commercial harvest, possession or sale and targeting sport fish only with hook and line”.

How To Get On The Webinar
You can participate in the webinars from your computer or from your phone.

  • By Computer: Click on this link http://fwc.adobeconnect.com/mfm/ to join from your computer.
  • Please sign in 5 to 10 minutes early in order to ensure you have a good connection to Adobe Connect Pro
  • When logging in, click “Enter as a Guest” and enter your email address in the box for your name. This will allow staff to contact you with follow-up information after the webinar, if needed.

To be able to hear the presentation your computer will need to have speakers. If your computer does not have speakers, please join the webinar by phone.

To Get On The Webinar By Phone

  • Conference call phone number: (888) 671-3525
  • Participant pass code: 7325177935 then #
  • Please mute your line during the call
  • Please download a copy of the workshop presentation before calling so you can follow along during the staff presentation: (The presentation will be available soon. Please check back.)
  • Please mute your line during the call. To mute, dial [#6].
  • If you need to unmute in order to ask a question during the questions and answers period after the presentation, dial [*6]