Dolphin Fish (Mahi-Mahi)

Dolphin fish, often called Mahi-Mahi, are an abundant pelagic found in warmer waters around the world. They are usually found offshore hanging around floating debris and large mats of floating sargassum. Larger adults may be found by themselves or in pairs. Smaller dolphin are often found in schools ranging from 5 to over 50 fish. There are actually tow different species of dolphin the larger dolphin fish and the smaller pompano (chicken) dolphin. Both species exhibit beautiful colors in the water and when first caught. Dolphin are usually found with dark green dorsal fins and golden or green sides with spots of metallic blue. Others have brilliant silvery blue sides and fins. Dolphin are fast and agile swimmers who feed mostly during daylight hours on almost anything they find swimming around the floating mats of sargassum. There favorite prey are often flying fish, crabs and cephalopods such as squid and cuttlefish.

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