Permit Regulations Strengthened

New rules take effect August 31st in Florida for permit, pompano and African pompano. The FWC has enacted new regulations that extended the current regulations into federal waters and create a Special Permit Zone south of Cape Florida and Cape Sable. In this zone commercial harvest of permit will be prohibited. Recreational anglers will have a minimum size limit of 22 inches fork length and a daily bag limit of one permit per person and two per vessel. There will also be a May, June and July closed season. In the northern zone, there will be no commercial harvest of permit but an incidental bycatch trip limit of 250 fish will be allowed. A slot size of 11-22 inches fork length with a daily bag limit of two fish per person will be in affect for recreational anglers. One permit over 22 inches with a vessel limit of two permit larger than 22 inches will be allowed with a daily bag limit of two fish per person. The new regulations will also extend current Florida pompano recreational and commercial gear regulations and commercial trip and size limits into federal waters and eliminate the 20-inch Florida pompano maximum size limit. The daily bag limit of six Florida pompano per person will no longer include the aggregate limit with permit. African pompano recreational size and bag limits are extended into federal waters.

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