Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report 6/26/10

We picked up 4 people on a shared charter this morning. We started off catching some baitfish to use later. After baitfishing we went trolling. We caught one kingfish within 5 minutes then went a little while before catching 2 kingfish at the same time. After that we decided to try a baitfish on one of the many artificial reefs that are out there. The first wreck we tried didn’t produce more than a nervous bait. We wound the bait up to try the next spot. On our way there I talked to one of the other boats and he told me that he got a bite on that wreck but hadn’t got the fish up yet. We set up on the next wreck but didn’t get a bite right away. We drifted slowly over the structure and when we were almost past the wreck the rod tip bounced pretty hard. The rod didn’t bend over right away so we didn’t think that the fish was still there. As we pulled away from the wreck the rod started bending and we were on. After about a 30 minute fight the fish finally “popped” to the surface. It was a large grouper. My deckhand Brian could hardly handle his excitement, this was his first “big” grouper. He has been fishing out here for a long time and never caught a grouper over about 15 pounds. Well, needless to say, everybody on the boat was pretty happy with our day so we headed back to the dock. When we got in we tried to weigh the fish on our scale but it was too heavy for a 50 pound scale. We borrowed a scale from one of the other boats and hung the fish from it. It weighed 65 pounds. Well, that’s all for now. Hope to take you fishing soon.

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