Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report 07/25/09

We had two trips today. We had a family of six on the morning trip. We started out catching bait then went trolling. The kingfish and bonito were not biting as good as they have been. We caught one kingfish and five bonito then went to one of the wrecks. We missed a fish on the first drop then caught an amberjack on the second drop before heading in to get our afternoon trip. The afternoon trip was three people. The father and son were from Brazil and they didn’t speak English very well so he brought his nephew to translate. We started this trip trolling with a different result than the morning. The kingfish and bonito started biting good again. There were a few wahoo caught this morning so, when we caught a smaller bonito, we rigged it up and slow trolled it hoping for a big bite. We got a bite on it but the fish missed the hook and chopped the tail off. We went to a wreck and had the same result as this morning missing one bite and catching a nice amberjack. We went back to trolling to finish the trip and caught some more kingfish and bonito before heading in.

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