Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report 07/20/09

We had a father and son from Georgia out with us this morning. The conditions were a little different than they have been for the past week. There has been some north current but it was a lot stronger today than it has been. We went right to trolling and started getting bites pretty quickly. The bonito were biting good and the customers were having fun catching them. We caught two kingfish as well as the bonito. The kingfish were a lot bigger than the ones we have been catching so only getting two of them was like catching six of the regular size kingfish. We went to a couple of wrecks but didn’t get any bites there. We saw a few sailfish free jumping and had one come up and look at one of the live baits we had out but it didn’t eat. We started heading back and saw a few more sailfish. We tried to get one to bite but still no luck with that so we headed in.

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