Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report 07/10/09

We had six people on a morning charter today. The seas were a little choppier than they have been the past month or so. We started trolling and as soon as we got both planer lines set we had two fish on. The first fish to the boat was a small jack of some kind. The second fish was a bonito. We kept trolling and catching fish. The kingfish and bonito were biting good and we were getting steady bites from them on the planers and on the surface baits. As we were fighting one bonito we got in a little shallower than normal. As soon as I noticed how shallow we were I turned the boat offshore so as to not get the planer hung on the reef. As we were clearing the reef we got a bite on the planer. We wound it up and, to our surprise, we caught a 10# mutton snapper. We caught a few more fish then went to drop on a wreck. Unfortunately, the customers were starting to not feel so good and made the call to start heading back, so we wound the bait in and made our way home. Despite some minor sea-sickness, they still had a great time and want to go again the next time they are in town. Maybe some motion sickness pills will be in order before their next trip.

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