Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report 07/05/09

We had two charters today. The morning trip started off pretty slow. We were fishing north of the inlet for a while before I heard some of the boats to the south say they were getting some kingfish. We started heading that way when we got slightly side tracked by an unusual sight. I have seen a lot of thing in the years that I have been fishing here but this is one of the strangest. As we were trolling south I saw something that looked like a fish floating, but I have seen that plenty of times before. What I didn’t expect, when we circled back around to take a closer look, was to find an 8# mutton snapper inside of a chum bag. We gaffed the bag to see if the fish was still fresh and, when it hit the deck, the fish started flipping around. There were no holes in the fish, like it was speared or something, and the bag didn’t look like it had ever been used for chum. We threw the fish in the box and continued to troll south until we got into the kingfish. We caught a few of them and a couple of bonito before heading back to get our afternoon trip. The afternoon trip showed up a little late, after running out of gas up the street. They finally got here and we headed out. We started off trying for some snapper, but they weren’t biting so we ran back to the south and started catching kingfish again. We ended up with six kingfish, four bonito, and a barracuda before heading in. The snapper in a bag was still the highlight of the day.

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