Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report 07/03/09

We had two trips today. The morning trip was a repeat from Wednesday with five people. We went right to trolling. There were schools of bonito blasting all over the place. The first two bites we had around the bonito were barracuda. After releasing them we moved on to another school and started getting kingfish and bonito. We did that the rest of the trip and ended up with seven kingfish and fifteen bonito. The afternoon trip was a father and son. We trolled and caught a couple of bonito and one kingfish before switching up to try some wreck fishing. The hardest part about the wreck fishing was getting bait. The schools of bonito were there but they were bigger than we normally use and didn’t want to live in the livewell very long. We ended up just catching one and rigging it right away so it wouldn’t have a chance to die. As soon as we got the bonito close to the wreck it got bit in half. Uh well, off to catch another bait. We did this a few times and had some big bites but nothing would stay on the hook. We finally got a big barracuda to stay on the hook for the catch. We caught another bait and tried a deeper wreck but no luck there so we headed home.

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