Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report 06/29/09

We had two trips again today. In the morning we had a family that won the trip at a breast cancer charity event that we donated to. The fish started biting as soon as the baits hit the water and really didn’t stop until we got them all out of the water, despite the rain. We caught four kingfish and ten bonito before they decided, a little early, that they were worn out and wanted to go in. The afternoon charter was two couples. We started out trolling again and picked up where we left off in the morning. We caught one blackfin tuna, two bonito and six kingfish trolling. They were happy doing that but wanted to go for something bigger. We brought in the trolling gear and rigged up for shark. We set the baits out and waited. We were almost out of time, and patience, when the bottom rod bounced. We sat there for a second to make sure it was a bite before the rod started bending towards the water. All of a sudden we are attached to something BIG. We cleared the other baits and started the battle. The first person in the fighting chair was one of the girls. She had told the mate that she wanted to fight a “big pissed off shark” and she certainly got her wish. She did a great job fighting it to the leader the first time so that we could it was a big hammerhead shark. Then it took off again and the anglers switched. We fought it for another 45 minutes before getting the leaded again and releasing it after taking pictures. We were way into over time and headed back with some memories that they will not soon forget.

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