Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report 06/25/09

We had six people on an all day charter today. Five out of the six just wanted to catch fish, but the other one wanted to catch some mahi. We caught some bait then headed offshore. We came across a couple of small debris lines and fished them for a little bit. We missed one bite but didn’t see any other fish so we picked up and ran further out. We came across some more debris and some scattered grass line and started fishing again. We missed another bite right off the bat, but didn’t see any more fish, so we continued to troll offshore. We finally got the first fish on when we got about 17 miles out. It took a while to get the bite, but it was a nice mahi in the 20# class. We circled the area to see if there were any more fish around. We got a couple more bites and caught one more fish. We trolled around some more and jumped off another mahi. We were running low on time so we headed back toward the inlet. We got back to the reef and started trolling again. We caught a couple of kingfish before going home.

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