Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report 06/19/09

We had four guys on a six hour trip today. We caught a few live baits then trolled the reef and caught a few kingfish. The customers really wanted to fish for mahi-mahi so we headed offshore in search of them. There wasn’t much to fish to so we started trolling around some scattered weeds. There were some other boats around but it looked like they were doing the same thing we were. I saw one boat stopped and trolled over to see what they were fishing to. As we got closer I saw a pallet in the water next to them. We trolled by it and saw a couple of fish around it. They didn’t eat the trolling baits so we wound them in and switched to live bait. We pulled a ballyhoo around and picked up a mahi then another one a little later. There were some nice size triple tail around the pallet as well so we put out a different rig and caught a couple of them before realizing that we were well into over time and heading in.

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