Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report 06/12/09

We had another six hour morning and four hour afternoon trip today. We started the morning trip catching live ballyhoo before running offshore to catch mahi. On the way to where we caught the fish yesterday we found a log floating so we stopped and threw out some baits. As soon as the bait passed the log we hooked a mahi. We threw out some chunk baits on spinners and hooked three more. We stayed on the log for half an hour and caught ten fish there. We were hearing boats further off catching fish so we ran to where they were. We came up on some other boats that were sitting on some scattered weeds and saw some fish swimming around so we put out some more chunk baits and started catching again. The bite slowed down a little so we put out the live ballyhoo. As soon as the bait hit the water a big mahi ate it. As we were fighting that one we kept throwing chunks and catching some schoolies. The big fish pulled us away from the school before we caught it so we went back to where they were. We got back on them again with a live ballyhoo we were able to hook up again. We hooked a few schoolies then another big fish came in and ate one of the chunks. That fish fought us away from the school before we got it too. We caught a few more then headed in with 30 fish in the cooler. After cleaning most of the fish from the morning trip our afternoon group showed up and we headed out again. We started out trolling the reef. We saw some mahis right away, but they didn’t eat. We continued to troll and caught three bonito and one kingfish. We stopped at the spot where we got the ballyhoo in the morning and caught some more of them, then put them out. It didn’t take long before seeing a sailfish come up on one of them. We hooked the fish and fought it to the boat. We got the leader and released the fish. The baits went out again and we missed a mahi before heading in.

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