Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report 06/11/09

We had a six hour morning and a four hour afternoon trip today. We had a couple from Arizona with us on the morning trip that wanted to catch some mahi. We started out catching bait then went trolling offshore. The fishing was slow but we heard some boats further off catching fish. We wound all of the baits in and ran out to where we heard the fish being caught. We didn’t have a lot of time left but, luckily, we didn’t need much. Shortly after slowing down and trolling again we hooked a couple of fish. As we got the fish close to the boat we saw more fish following them. We had the spinners ready and threw some chunk baits at them. We ended up catching 17 mahis before it was time to go in. On the afternoon trip we had a family of four. We trolled around the reef and caught one kingfish before switching to live baiting around a shallow wreck. Shortly after getting the baits out I saw a sailfish come up on the high line. The hooked the sailfish and cleared the other baits to fight it. Half an hour later we got the fish to the boat. We pulled it up took some photos, got a measurement, tagged and released a big sailfish. We live baited a little bit more but, with no more bites, we went trolling again. Not much luck trolling and running out of time we brought everything in and started heading back. On the way in I saw something jump just off to the side of the boat. I slowed down and saw a small fin sticking out of the water. We quickly got a kingfish head out to see if the shark would eat. The shark swam towards the bait so I took the boat out of gear to let it eat. It didn’t bite and we thought it was gone so I started to bump the boat in and out of gear. All of a sudden something started taking line off the reel, and it wasn’t the bait. We let it eat for a second before setting the hook. We hooked the fish and it came to the surface and jumped. It fought for about 20 minutes before we got it to the boat. It ended up being a Mako shark around 100-150 pounds. We secured it with a flying gaff for a minute before clearing the cockpit and boating it. I don’t normally kill sharks but a Mako is different. We boated the fish and went back to the dock. We hung the fish and took some photos before cutting the fish up and sending home another group of happy customers.

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