Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report 06/08/09

We had two trips today. On the morning trip we took three of my neighbors out fishing. We started the trip trying to catch bait. We caught some blue runners then went to one of the wrecks. We dropped a runner on the wreck a couple of times, but no bites. We then went trolling offshore looking for some mahis. We caught a smaller sized blackfin tuna as soon as we put the baits out. An hour later, and no more bites, we wound all of the baits in and went in shallower to try and catch some kingfish. We got back in shallower, and as soon as we got the first bait out we had a nice kingfish on its way in. We caught that one and one other and missed a few more. We had to get back in for our afternoon trip so we left the kingfish biting and headed back. The afternoon trip we had a young couple and one of our regular customers that had just flew and had some time to kill. We headed out and caught some bait. We ran to where we wanted to fish and put out the livies. We caught one kingfish and missed a couple other bites doing that. Live baiting was slow so we switched up to trolling. We caught a couple of kingfish and missed a couple more before heading back to the dock.

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