Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report 06/02/09

We had a group of six repeat customers out with us this morning. We started the trip catching bait. After that we went wreck fishing, looking for another big grouper. The current had picked up a little from Sunday but, after fishing three of the deeper wrecks with no bites, we decided to try one of the shallower wrecks. Well it didn’t take long to get a bite there. After setting the first bait, and before we could even rig the second, we got a big kingfish on. We caught that and put another bait out and got the second bait rigged, but before it hit the water we had another big kingfish on. While fighting that fish we put another bait out and missed another kingfish. After boating the second kingfish we put another bait out. We missed a bite on that one and, while setting the downrigger, got another kingfish on. The kingfish stopped tearing us up for a little and we managed to get two baits set and make a pass over the wreck. The downrigger bait got eaten as we were over the wreck with what seemed like a big fish. However, we couldn’t stop it before it reached the safety of the wreck and broke us off. Not to worry, as soon as we were broken free of the wreck we got another big kingfish on. Now we are running low on bait and time so we put the last baits out and hooked another big kingfish and missed one as well. We almost caught that one but when it got close it made a run under the boat and broke off. Either way, with four bigger than average kingfish in the box we went back with another group of happy customers.

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