Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report 05/24/09

We had four local guys charter us for a six hour trip today. We left the dock at 7:00 and got out before most of the other charter boats. We caught speedos then ran a little south before starting to troll. Trolling was producing kingfish and a bonito, but we wanted to fish the livies. We got to the place that we wanted to live bait fish so we brought the trolling gear and put out the livies. Almost immediately we were hooked up on another kingfish. We caught that and continued slow trolling the speedos. As we were resetting the downrigger bait the line got pulled out of the mates hand. He thought one of the hooks fell out of it and fouled it up. We looked back to see a twenty pound mahi-mahi jumping. As we were fighting that fish another mahi eats one of the other baits, now we are on a double. We caught both of them then put the baits out again. We caught a couple more kingfish then heard one of the other boats around us say he found a big piece of bamboo covered in barnacles a little deeper than we were fishing so we went to see if there was anything that wanted to eat a live bait. We lost one smaller mahi and caught a barracuda. We were almost out of livies so we went to another spot and caught some ballyhoo. We put out the live hoos and instantly got another big mahi on, then another, and missed yet another. The two we hooked were on 20# spinners. We got the first one in the boat pretty fast then spent another twenty minutes or more fighting the second one. We finally got that one in and as we were cleaning up we put one ballyhoo out. We pulled it around for maybe five minutes and got another mahi on. As we were fighting this one another one came up swimming with it so we threw another hoo out on a spinner and it got eaten right away. We spent about thirty minutes fighting these two before boating both of them. We were already into over time so we headed back to the dock with a full fish box. We weighed the mahis when we got back to the dock. Two of them were in the 25#-30# class, two of them were 20#-25# fish, and the other two were 15#-20# fish. Add to that a limit of kingfish from 7#-20# and you could understand the full cooler.

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