Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report 05/16/09

We started today with a morning six hour trip with three customers. We bought bait on the way out, pilchards and threadfin herring, then went trolling. The kingfish bite was pretty good on the troll. We were almost limited out so we changed up to kite fishing to try for some bigger kingfish. It didn’t take long before we got the first bites on the livies. We caught a kingfish and missed a couple other bites. We reset the baits and continued to get bites, catching another kingfish and a nice mahi-mahi, as well as a couple of bonito a cero mackerel and jumped off a sailfish. The current was pushing us north and we got away from where we wanted to be so we brought the baits in and ran back south. We got back to the spot and set out the baits again. A color change edge had pushed in and there were some other boats catching fish on it so we set up a little deeper than we had been fishing and got another sailfish bite shortly after resetting. At first the fish swam at the boat so I thought it was a smaller sailfish. Then as it got closer it came out of the water in an aerial show that only a lit up sailfish can do. This was a strong fighting sailfish that did not want to give up easily and kept jumping and swimming away from the boat. An hour later we finally got the leader and pulled the fish up to the boat for some pictures. Time was up for the trip and we returned to the dock with some very happy customers. As we were cleaning the mahi for them four guys from New Jersey came walking up to the dock and the guys we had in the morning talked them into trying their luck with us. We grabbed a quick lunch, cut some fresh bonito strips, and headed back out for an afternoon four hour trip. We started the trip with some more trolling and caught kingfish and a couple of bonito. Before we could switch over to kite fishing two of the guys were sick and their friends felt bad so they said that it was time to go in early. Bummer, the fishing was pretty good and we wanted to try for sailfish again.

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