Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report 05/13/09

We were part of a 16 boat all day trip today. We had six people on the boat with us. We stopped on the way out and bought some goggle eyes for bait then went fishing. We got to the fishing grounds, about one mile out, and started trolling. It did not take long before we got our first bite, it was a kingfish. We continued to troll and missed a lot of fish, probably small kingfish. We got a little further south and found some fish that were big enough to get the hook. We caught more kingfish and decided to kite fish where we were getting the best bites, the bigger kingfish like the live baits better. As soon as we got the kite baits out we got covered up with kingfish. We caught a few kingfish, a couple of bluefish, and missed a few more kingfish bites. We only needed a couple more kingfish to reach our limit, but instead got a surprise sailfish bite. We hooked the sailfish and the fight was on. It was a very large frisky fish that made a lot of jumps and took us from 100′ of water out to 550′ by the time we got the leader, over an hour later. We brought the fish to the side of the boat for pictures and a quick measurement before tagging and releasing it. Well now we were offshore so instead of going back and trying for more kingfish we decided to troll around for some mahis. About ten minutes after we started trolling we caught a six pound mahi. We spent half an hour or so trolling offshore before we had to go back to the dock. All totaled we caught ten kingfish up to fifteen pounds, two bluefish, one mahi, and one sailfish.

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