Fort Lauderdale Fishing Report 05/01/09

We picked up an afternoon trip today with two people. We started the trip trolling and caught eight kingfish and one bonito, then we went shark fishing. After getting the baits set we waited for a little while before we got a bite on the deep bait. As we were clearing the other baits from the water we had another shark eat one of the kite baits. We got the first shark, the one that ate the top bait, to the boat pretty quickly. We got the leader brought the fish to the boat, took some measurements, tagged and released a hammerhead shark. Then it was time to go after the other shark that we still had on the other rod. This one was bigger than the first one so, we fought that fish for a while longer before we got the leader. We brought it up to the boat, took measurements, and tagged and released another hammerhead. Not often that we get a double header hammerhead shark bite and catch both of them.

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