04/28/09 fishing report

We picked up a late trip today. Two people pulled into the dock about 5:30 this afternoon wanting to go fishing. We got the boat ready and left the dock around 6:00. We got some of the goggle eyes we had in the bait pen and went fishing. We started out trolling and caught four kingfish. Then we set two kites and some shark baits. Shortly after the sun went down we got a bite on one of the gogs. We started fighting the fish as it swam toward the boat. The spreader lights were on and when the fish got to the edge of the lights if started fighting a lot more. It was a nice mahi-mahi. We had to do some maneuvering with the rod as the fish swam over and under and around the other lines we had in the water. We finally got it into the boat then waited for a shark bite. No luck with that tonight but still a good spur of the moment trip.

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