04/25/09 fishing report

We had two trips again today. On the morning trip we had six guys celebrating a bachelor party trip. The seas were fairly rough, so we bought goggle eyes and went straight to kite fishing. We had three gogs and one shark bait on the kites and one deep shark bait. We saw a couple of small sharks, but none big enough to eat the shark bait. As we were clearing the kites to go trolling a big hammerhead shark same in on one of the gogs, we pulled it away from it because it was on a mono leader. We got the shark bait in front of it and missed it on the first bite. It came back up on the bait again and this time it found the hooks. It never really made the big run that hammerheads usually do, instead it stayed un the surface. The fight did not last long, but the fish was still green when we got it to the boat. We tried leadering it up several times, and eventually got it close enough for pictures, but it made another run and broke the line. We still had some time left, so we went trolling. There were some kingfish biting but, before we could get to them, we got a bite on the high line. We thought it was a small mahi but after feeding it for a second and hooking it, up jumped a sailfish. We fought that fish for a little while before getting the leader releasing it. We caught both of our fish in the last hour of the trip, then we went back in to pick up our afternoon trip. The afternoon trip we had four people. It was still pretty rough. We started trolling and caught a mahi in the first 15 minutes. We continued to troll and missed a few more bites. Then we trolled further offshore and caught another mahi. We continued to troll and missed a few other fish before heading back to the dock.

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