04/17/09 fishing report

Today we had an all day four boat trip from Schell’s/Grain Belt Brewery. We had five people with us. We started the trip trolling and caught two bonito and six kingfish and missed a few more bites. We then ran south and kite fished. We caught two mahis and missed a few more. Then we ran further south and reset the kites. We caught a couple more mahis and missed a sailfish. While we were putting the baits back out we missed another sailfish then caught another mahi. We wanted to do some other types fishing so we gave up on kite fishing and started running closer to home to try some shark fishing. On the run back we saw what looked like a ball of bait or a big turtle. We stopped and turned around on it to see if there were any fish around it. When we got close to it, it changed color from black to red. On a closer look we realized that it was a ball of squid. I got the cast net out and, when we got with in range, I threw the net. We then shark fished for a little while, but the guys had to be back to get ready for dinner. After we got back to the dock I got all of the squid out of the cooler and counted that we had 116 of them. I asked some of the other captains that have been around for a while if they had ever seen a squid ball before. Most of them had not but one of them had and, when I showed him one of them he told me they were Ilex squid. Interesting to see them here, usually they are up in the Carolinas is what he said.

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