04/11/09 Ft Lauderdale Fishing Report

Two trips again today. The morning trip was more repeat customers. We caught speedos and slow trolled them for most of the trip. We missed a couple of fish before hooking a big kingfish. We were fishing monofilament leaders so I did not think that we would actually catch it. After fighting it for 20 minutes we got it to the boat. It made a few more runs when it was close But we finally got the gaff into it. It weighed 38 pounds. Then we went to a wreck and caught an amberjack before heading in. The afternoon trip started the same with bait fishing. We trolled and caught two kingfish. We then went wreck fishing again and caught another amberjack and a 20 pound bluefish (uncommon for this area). We then slow trolled the speedos again. We missed a couple of fish and had a big hammerhead shark on for 10 minutes. It cut the leader but we ended up catching a 25 pound kingfish then headed home.

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