04/08/09 fishing report

We stretched the day today pretty long. We started with an eight hour trip at 7:00. There were four customers from New York on the boat. We started catching speedos. Then we went kite fishing. We had one saifish eat a bait but it did not stay on the line. After doing that for an hour or so we slow trolled the speedos. We caught a sailfish and missed another one doing this. Then we went shark fishing for an hour and a half. No bites doing that and we were out of time so we went to pick up our next trip. We started the trip catching speedos because there were kids on the boat. We then went shark fishing but did not get any bites again. Then we fished a couple of wrecks. No bites on the first wreck but on the second wreck we got a solid bite but the fish managed to break us off in the wreck. The sun was going down and it was time to come home.

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