03/29/09 fishing report

Today we had a group of people from Montreal, Canada. It can be somewhat difficult to talk to people when you do not speak the same language they do. Fortunately one of them spoke some English and we made do. We started out catching some live baits. Then we went trolling and caught some kingfish and bonito. After doing that for a while the customer asked if they could catch something else. We tried wreck fishing and caught another bonito and got broken off by something else. We moved to a couple of other wrecks but did not have much luck. Finally on the last wreck we fished we caught a big barracuda. It fought pretty hard and came to the boat pretty tired. We took the hooks out and revived the fish before releasing it and then headed home. The customers seemed very happy, but as I said before, it’s hard to tell when you do not speak the same language.

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